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Which Dog Breed Is Best For You?

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Which Dog Breed Matches Your Personality?

The Lover

For those who wish for nothing more than to love and be loved, the Golden retriever offers its wavy golden coat for you to pour out your affection on to. The Golden retriever’s calm and gentle demeanor welcomes all the tenderness an owner could offer. A Golden’s need for exercise serves as a significant others constant nudging to hit the gym, and their unusual love of water is enough to get an owner looking for the nearest watering hole to cheerfully swim about and wonder how the love of a dog can bring such childlike amusement. Caution: your love for your Golden can keep it so happy its continually wagging tail may knock to the floor and objects in its line of fire.

The Outdoorsman (or woman)

For those who hear the constant call of the wild ringing in their ears, look no further than the rugged German shepherd. This dog’s strong stance and bold gaze will outshine even the most rugged of owners. There’s no better dog to have at your side while navigating the country’s twisting and turning trails. The German’s protective nature paired with their keen sense of smell and intelligence will set an owners mind at ease knowing its fluffy guardian shepherd is at their side. These dog’s desire to please their owner, in return for a reward, leaves it longing to utilize its abilities in obedience or tracking competition.


For the extroverts hoping to engage in conversation with fellow dog owners and passerby alike, Australian shepherds are the ideal pup. Aussies require regular exercise which leads to long walks about town and constant visits to the wide open fields of a dog park, both of which will illicit constant interactions with those bewitched by its gorgeous merle coat and striking eyes. Australian shepherds excel in dog sports which may result in endless congratulations and photos of you and your ribbon clad pup. But don't worry, Aussies leave enough affection for their owners, expressed by their desire for close contact with their owners.


For the dog owners who wish to keep to themselves and their dog, a Greyhound is a match made in heaven. Adopting a Greyhound is a wonderful opportunity to provide a retirement for a former 40+ mph sprinting machine; and retire they will, Greyhounds enjoy the simple please of sleeping away the day. Greyhounds are calm, cool, and collected dogs who prefer to remain quiet, but if a Greyhound could speak, its gentle voice would be enough to sooth any anxious owner. As a welcome plus, Greyhounds tend to work well with cats.

Which Dog Breed Is Best For You?

The Studious

For the work or study focused individual a Border collie, known in the dog world as the most intelligent of all breeds, is an obvious choice. Their evident smarts will implore an owner to power through any essay or report to prove their own capabilities; but be prepared to be outshone by their innate ability to learn and perform commands. Border collies require avenues to constantly employ their intelligence via physical and mental exercise such as dog sports and casual games of fetch. After a long day of work and play owners often come home to enjoy a well earned snuggle with their soft eyed and affectionate intellectual companions.

The Artist

For an artist, the mighty Great dane is a muse on four legs. The roots of the Great dane can be traced back to ancient greek and norse societies who saw the towering giants as worthy of being depicted in paintings and stone carvings. Although they may be giants, Great dane’s loving presence has earned them the title of the “gentle giant” of the dog world. The mighty Great dane comes in a variety of eye-catching coats such as brindle, black, and blue to name a few. Their undeniably strong stature and desire to socialize will place you and your dog in innumerable scenes to transfer to canvas or photo. With a Great dane at your side you’ll have trouble finding yourself in a backdrop unworthy of artistic expression.

The Entertainer

If entertainment is what you're seeking, a West highland white terrier (or “Westie" for short), will fill any boring void with lively merriment. Don’t let their naturally perfect white coats fool you into thinking this dog is some run of the mill terrier, Westies are an endless outpouring of entertainment. Nowhere else will you find so much joy and satisfaction in so little a pup. Watch guests light up with joy as they watch your Westie saunter around the room displaying its elegant flowing coat with the confidence of a dog ten times its size. Your Westie will have no problem being the focal point of a room filled with amused onlookers. As a warning, be sure to train you Westie from a young age or their history as hunting dogs may lead them to find their own amusement in digging holes in the yard.

The Fashionable

When fashion’s the name, French bulldog’s the name. These bite sized balls of fun have been thoroughly enjoying their recent spike in popularity. Instagram and Twitter alike are filled with puppy pages devoted to the praise and worship of the Frenchie. French bulldogs peculiar grin and stubby may be responsible for their much enjoyed time in the limelight. Beyond fashion, the Frenchie is a loving companion who requires constant devotion and care, without an

Which Dog Breed Is Best For You?

owner by their side they often suffer from separation anxiety. In excessively cold or hot environments the Frenchie may also fall subject to heat stroke, so its pampered persona isn’t without merit.

The Misunderstood

This one may be an easy guess, when it comes to being misunderstood, the Rottweiler is the first on the minds of many dog lovers. Misleading press resulting in an unworthy owners failure to properly train and provide care has spelled trouble for this pup. Don’t let these rare tales mislead you, while Rottweilers may be hardy and fearless, they prefer to express these admirable traits via loving protectiveness and gentle affection. Even if the uninformed passerby attempts to assert their warped viewpoint onto you and your dog, you can sleep tight (most likely with your dog at your side) knowing that you share an unbreakable bond with your Rottweiler that the world may never understand.

The Family Oriented

For those with family at the forefront of their minds, Labrador retrievers seldom fail to be the dog your family will hold near and dear to their hearts. There’s a reason Labs often find work as disability dogs, their mild tempered and dedicated nature is something to behold. Kind eyed and outgoing, a lab will love without limitation. As you instill qualities and values into your budding family, so should you with your Lab. Behavioral problems such as unwanted chewing can be easily fixed with proper training while your Lab is still a puppy. After training your Lab you’ll have earned yourself a well mannered dog with a willingness to join in on all the family fun.