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10 Reasons We Love Dogs

Posted by Darren Speed on

10 Reasons Why We Love Dogs

It's hard to believe but some people are not dog people.  We know, shocking but true.  Some people in fact don't even own a dog.   Can you imagine?
You however, are clearly a dog person and you understand the coolness and benefits of being this way.  
So, what makes us love these animals so much?  Here's a list of 10 reasons 
  1. They remind us that there's more to life than work.  They love to play!
  2. They offer free and unashamed enthusiastic friendship
  3. They don't criticize us.
  4. They make us laugh.
  5. They make us cry.
  6. They are possibly one of the most loyal creatures created.
  7. They never ask for money and in fact don't really care if you're rich or poor.
  8. They usually love when you walk through the door.  If not, it's more than likely your problem.
  9. They are simple and complex.
  10. They love us.  Again, if not, see #8.